Man who survived shooting, escapes house fire

Local and state investigators went back inside a Concord home to try and figure out what started a fire inside.

The homeowner survived a shooting last summer that left his wife and another man dead.

There were a line of investigators, State Bureau of Investigation, Concord police and fire officials, all looking for the source of the first that damaged the house.

The man who made it out of the burning home, Tim Crumitie, found himself answering questions again.

He has been questioned before in the deaths of three people in the past three years.

Channel 9 watched as investigators appeared to place items form the garage in a container similar to those used for items to be tested at a lab.

Police would not call the fire suspicious.  They said the SBI was there to help them determine a cause.

They said they have not found any evidence of a crime in the home owned by Crumitie.

“It feels good to be out,” Crumitie said.

Channel 9 talked to him three years ago after authorities in Mecklenburg County dismissed murder charges against him.

They said they found no evidence linking him to the death of a business associate.

Then in July, Crumitie said a man came into the Concord home he shared with his wife. He told police the man shot and killed her, then shot him in the hand.

Crumitie then shot and killed the man. He was never charged.

He suffered smoke inhalation Thursday as he made it out of his new home on Goldmoor Drive NE.

Neighbor Pat Honeycutt saw the flames shooting from the roof. "(It) scared me at first.  I mean, I really didn't know what to think."
She said she didn't speak much to her new neighbor, Crumitie, but she was worried about him.

"I hate that it's happened to him,” Honeycutt said.

Now she wonders what the team of investigators may have found across the street.

They did tell Channel 9 the garage is a focal point in their investigation.

They spent a lot of time there Friday, but they said the cause of the fire is still undetermined.

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