Man witnesses postal worker throwing away mail in south Charlotte, prompts investigation

CHARLOTTE — An agent with the Office of the Inspector General investigated reports Wednesday of mail being thrown away at a south Charlotte apartment complex.

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A resident at the apartments said he alerted the Postal Service after he saw a postal worker throw away about 200 pieces of mail into a trash can at his apartment complex on five occassions.

“We have two trash cans in here and this is where I would find the mail,” said the resident, who did not want to be identified. “There is important mail and these people all over Charlotte haven’t been getting it.”

Ryan lives at the Fairways at Piper Glen Apartments and said that a few weeks ago, he found a letter in the mailroom trash can addressed to a nearby business.

“And after looking down further in the trash, the stuff inside was 200 pieces of mail that didn’t belong anywhere near this complex,” he said.

Since then, Ryan said he has seen a postal worker dump mail several times and drive away.

Ryan took photos of the mail he retrieved.

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“From looking at the outside markings of the mail, I saw it was IRS letters, DMV letters,” he said. “One of them was for child care from the court system, so this is important mail that is being thrown away.”

He filed a complaint with the United States Postal Service, which led to an investigation.

Ryan said he and the agent witnessed the postal worker throwing mail away.

The investigation is ongoing.

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