Masked gunman robs 73-year-old man having heart attack in Stanly County home

STANLY COUNTY, N.C. — Investigators in Stanly County are trying to catch the robber behind a violent home invasion.

Officials said a gunman robbed 73-year-old Ted HUneycutt while he was having a heart attack.

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The robbery happened on Yow Road in Stanfield around 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

Outside the weekly trash pickup, there isn't a lot of traffic in the cotton fields of the rural community.

Resident Darren Russell said, "We ain't never had no problem."

That's why residents were stunned when a quiet home on their quiet country road became the scene of a violent home invasion.

“If you look at Ted’s place over there, you wouldn’t think it’d be robbed," said Russell.

Investigators said Honeycutt had a heart attack when a masked robber broke in Sunday night.

Still, the gunman didn't show any mercy.

Instead, detectives said, he ordered Huneycutt and his wife to get on the ground and then robbed them.

“It’s heartless, man. Think about it. Just to do it is heartless enough,” said Russell.

Huneycutt is raising his nephew's two teenage sons and the robber also forced them to the floor.

Sheriff Jeff Crisco said, “It’s a senseless crime. Mr. Huneycutt is a very respected man in the community and it’s the type of community where everybody knows everybody so I just don’t understand.”

Crisco is the new sheriff at the Stanley County’s Sheriff’s Office. He said this home invasion is the most violent case that’s happened in the county since he took over eight weeks ago and he’s putting special emphasis on catching the robber.

Crisco said, “Somebody is going to make a mistake. They’re going to brag about what they did and the word will get out. We’re hoping someone in the community will find out and will be able to contact the Sheriff’s Office.”

Huneycutt is still in the hospital, but his attacker is somewhere out there, and worried neighbors are praying that changes.

“The word says to love thy neighbor as theyself. We’ve got to start doing that,” Russell said.

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