Middle school student accused of having ‘hit list’ threatening classmates

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — A student told Channel 9′s Glenn Counts she discovered a hit list on April 3 and parents said eight people were on it, including other students.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools said officials responded to the alleged hit list at Francis Bradley Middle School in Huntersville.

“On the top, it said ‘Death notes,’” student Emony White said. “And she had people on there, including my friend and her dad and herself, and she was talking about how she wanted to kill them.”

Emony said she was a friend of the girl who wrote it. The girl shared it with Emony on a bus ride home and allegedly threatened her at the same time.

“She told me she wanted to kill them and if I told anybody, she would do the same thing to me,” Emony said.

Parent Laonzee Carter said her daughter was on the hit list.

Carter said she’s upset that the girl who wrote the hit list is back in school instead of removed for the year.

“The safety protocols that they put in place are not safe at all,” Carter said.

The case was reported to the Huntersville Police Department and school district officials said they have put protocols in place to protect the kids, which include:

  • Isolating the students from the girl
  • Regular check-ins
  • Supervising hallways during class change
  • Not allowing the parties in the same class

Carter doesn’t think it’s working.

“These children walk the halls together, the same lunch, same recess, so they are very much still in contact with each other,” Carter said. “And as soon as last Friday, they made a mistake and placed them in the same class together.”

Emony’s mother, Glenda Rodriguez, said they lived in the same neighborhood as the girl’s family but because of this incident, she said they moved out of town.

“I actually had to move because of the circumstances,” Rodriguez said. “I mean, I could have stayed within the neighborhood, but I really wasn’t feeling comfortable. I didn’t like the way the school was handling the situation.”

Emony will finish the school year learning remotely.

“Due to kids losing their lives due to school shootings, I took this really seriously,” Rodriguez said.

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