Mama Ricotta’s among restaurants adjusting menus because of staff shortages

CHARLOTTE — Charlotte-based FS Food Group announced that it will be adjusting the menus at its restaurants because of a hiring crisis the industry is facing.

In a new release, the group stated it will be focusing on its most popular items and “reformatting menus accordingly.”

“It frees up our servers and kitchen staff to be able to make the best food possible, to give the best service possible without the same load of the regular menu,” said Remy Thurston, Market Director for FS Food Group.

The group owns and operates Little Mama’s, Mama Ricotta’s, Midwood Smokehouse, Paco’s Tacos and Tequila, and Yafo Kitchen.

At this point, the group has only finalized the menu for Paco’s Tacos, and said it will be working on the others over the next week. Click here to view the Paco’s Tacos modified menu.

FS Food Group said it won’t offer full menus until they have enough workers.

Staffing shortage causes problems for restaurants as COVID-19 restrictions ease

If you plan on eating out, you may have to check to see if your favorite spot is open, as several other local restaurants said they have to cut hours due to staffing shortages.

The owner of Sammy’s Neighborhood Pub in Belmont, John Bailey, said his business is booming at a record pace, but he doesn’t know if he can keep up due to staffing problems.

“I’m running at 75%. If we go up to 100%, and I don’t have any more employees, I’m probably not going to bring those tables out,” Bailey said. “There’s only so many tables that even a good server can handle at any given time.”

>> In the video below, Channel 9′s DaShawn Brown spoke to some restaurant owners who say they fear that things will only get worse as things open back up.