Mobile hospital sent to Atrium Health Pineville to help with increased hospitalizations

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Atrium Health has deployed a mobile hospital to Atrium Health Pineville to help treat patients as hospitalizations continue to rise due to COVID-19.

Officials said the MED-1 mobile hospital will increase emergency department capacity by more than 40%.

“After careful consideration, Atrium Health Pineville was chosen as the best use of the mobile hospital, to help make the greatest impact on our patients and the broader community we serve,” said Mike Lutes, senior vice president and South Market president for Atrium Health. “By deploying Atrium Health MED-1, we are able to create a more than 40 percent increase in emergency department capacity, which is especially important as we care for our patients and community during this pandemic.”

MED-1 will be used to treat less critical patients and will add needed bed space. Atrium said patients will still go to the emergency room and then staff will direct them from there.

People who tested positive for COVID-19 or are showing symptoms will not be treated in the mobile hospital.

“Atrium Health MED-1 has treated tens of thousands of patients, delivering the highest quality of care since day one. I am excited that our team will be able to continue to deliver critical care while the mobile hospital is deployed to Atrium Health Pineville,” said Alicia Campbell, facility executive and vice president at Atrium Health Pineville. “We are grateful and fortunate to have access to Atrium Health MED-1, as it allows us to continue to support our community’s needs through this current wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Atrium Health has two mobile hospitals that can be used when needed.