Monroe denies rezoning, annexation of housing development

MONROE, N.C. — The Monroe City Council voted, 4-2, Tuesday against the rezoning and annexation of the Wildwood Development.

Neighbors against a proposed development took their fight to the city council.

They spoke out against the rezoning of more than 100 acres along Weddington Road. Homeowners didn’t want the city council to annex the land and approve a development for more than 200 homes.

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If the council gives the Wildwood Project the green light, the view of the woods behind Tammy Millward’s home would be replaced by five houses along her property alone.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” Millward told Channel 9.

In September, homeowners told Channel 9 they’d rather see a neighborhood similar to theirs built.

“We aren’t going to stop them, we know that but, there’s no reason why it can’t be a nicer development,” Carol Williams said.

Since then, the developer submitted new plans that lower the number of homes from 260 to 236, but that’s little comfort to Millward.

“It just makes you cry. They want us to think they want to be good neighbors and work with us, but yet from the beginning, they haven’t addressed one of our major concerns,” Millward said.

The concerns include the proposed new road that would connect the entrance to the Willoughby Woods subdivision to other busy streets, bringing more traffic through the neighborhood.

Neighbors that Channel 9 spoke to say they will urge the council to consider current residents.

“Growth in Union County, the infrastructure and the roads, need to be addressed and taken care of before any more homes are even approved,” Millward said.

Channel 9 reached out to the group behind the development but they told us it would be premature to comment.

Wildwood is one of two housing projects being considered by city council.

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Monroe residents take fight against proposed development to city council

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