Mooresville teacher resigns after video shows her shaming student in wheelchair

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — A stunning video posted to social media shows a teacher shaming a student for their behavior. Now,  Channel 9 has learned the teacher who posted the video to social media voluntarily resigned Friday morning.

In the video, the teacher is complaining that she's had to stay back from a field trip because of a student's behavior.

"I hate to think that somebody would do my grandchild like that or my child like that, because that is so wrong," resident Rita Smith said.

The teacher covers the student's face in the video but points to the child, who is in the background, and viewers can see the student is in a wheelchair.

The video has been shared on social media many times and has gotten hundreds of angry comments.

Channel 9 talked to parent Cortney Knight who said she was shocked when she saw the video on social media.

"When I saw the video, I was appalled because I have a teenager in high school I also have a daughter in kindergarten, and I expect my kids' teachers to love my kids like I do," Knight said.

Immediately after watching the video, Knight said she contacted the principal.

"She had a lanyard on that had the school name, so I just did a little research, found the district, found the principal, popped him an email," Knight said.

The next day, she said she followed up by calling the superintendent.

Before the teacher resigned, the district suspended the teacher and said, "We want to assure our parents, as well as the community, that we hold our teachers to the highest professional standards when it comes to their actions and the treatment of students. We do not and would never condone actions like what occurred with the posting of this video."

By law, the school board said it can't comment on employee matters.

"I'm very, very, very glad that the parents of this student and other exceptional children don’t ever have to be concerned in that district about this happening to their kid again," Knight said.

The teacher was employed at Mooresville High School.