NC Speaker Tillis vows to fight same-sex marriage ruling

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — North Carolina's Speaker of the House vows to continue to fight against same sex marriage, even if it means spending more taxpayers' dollars.

On Monday, Thom Tillis said he will continue to pursue the case through the circuit court system, but could not provide specifics on what legal avenues he planned to take.

"I will take the advice of my legal counsel, we will use every option available to us as we go through the courts," Tillis said.

Governor Pat McCrory told Channel 9 that his legal team advised him there were no legal options left, and said he will honor the federal judge's ruling.

"I disagree with the ruling. I don't like the ruling, but it's my job to implement that ruling," McCrory said, adding that state employees at NC DHHS were already printing off new forms to reflect options for same sex couples.

When pressed, McCrory stopped short of saying he would discourage Tillis' campaign against same sex marriage, even it means using more state resources.

"I respect those who want to continue to see what the other options are and I will be interested to see what other options there are," McCrory said.