NC State Board of Elections seeks more information before Governor race recount

RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina State Board of Elections said it needs more information before ultimately deciding whether to order a recount of Durham County’s votes for Governor.

On Election Day, Durham County became the focal point of the race for Governor when late in the night Democrat Roy Cooper suddenly surged ahead of incumbent Pat McCrory, with the help of about 90,000 early votes that were reported late.

The Durham County Board of Elections denied a Republican attorney’s request for a recount. On Saturday, the attorney exercised his right to file an appeal with the State Board of Elections.

On Sunday, members of the board held an emergency meeting by phone but said they simply didn’t have the documents needed from Durham County to move forward with the process.

Members said it needs Durham County’s written order that denies the attorney’s request, the transcript from that hearing and any other evidence and/or filings related to the protest.

The State Board of Elections hopes to have the information it needs by Tuesday.  Members will then schedule another hearing, likely late this coming week.

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