NC Zoo to vaccinate some animals against COVID-19

ASHEBORO, N.C. — The North Carolina Zoo will use a COVID-19 vaccine on some of its animals, according to zoo officials.

The zoo is getting six vials of a vaccine designed by Zoetis specifically for animals, according to the News & Observer. Each vial contains 10 doses of the vaccine.

Some the animals getting the shots will be the apes, lions, bears and otters. Zoo officials said otters are particularly susceptible COVID.

The vaccines are expected to arrive at the zoo soon (late July was the target).

According to the News & Observer, the vaccine will first be used to inoculate 15 chimpanzees and seven gorillas.

Researchers have found that apes and primates have a high vulnerability to the virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic among humans.

(WATCH BELOW: Great apes at the San Diego Zoo get coronavirus vaccine)