New NC congressional map creates buzz in 12th District

The map of new congressional districts approved by lawmakers in Raleigh Friday is not official yet, but it is already generating political buzz in Charlotte.

The map puts all of the 12th Congressional District in Mecklenburg County, about 100 miles from the Guilford County home of incumbent Democrat Alma Adams, and it has sparked new interest from Democrats who might challenge her.

“My phone has been ringing off the hook, which is really encouraging,” said former state senator and Charlotte City Councilman Malcolm Graham.

Adams sent Channel 9 a statement Friday night confirming she is running. It said, in part, “"Whether the election is in 3 and a half weeks or 3 and a half months, I intend to keep working hard for the people of the 12th District in Washington."

Graham easily beat Adams in Mecklenburg County in the 2014 primary, and said he would give another run “strong consideration.”

Former City Councilman Michael Barnes also said he may be interested.

Barnes said he is familiar with the issues and voters in the new district and would be qualified to run.

“So it's a very attractive opportunity, potential opportunity, for someone who served as long as I did,” Barnes said.

There could even be some Republicans taking a shot at what has been a solidly Democratic district that would be changed with the addition of all of north Mecklenburg.

“That's a really strong Republican stronghold, Gov. Martin lives up there,” said former City Councilman Edwin Peacock.

Peacock said it would still leave a district that is 51 percent Democrat but it might be enough to tempt some candidates, just not him.

“I've got to look at the map, but as of right now I'm not running for office,” he said.