New video, report shows how boy fell to his death on airport escalator

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Channel 9 received several new documents Wednesday related to the investigation into how a 3-year-old boy fell from an escalator at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in September and died.

Officials also sent Eyewitness News video from three different cameras at the airport showing the moments before and after Jaiden Cowart fell.

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In footage from a camera looking at the foot of the escalator, Jaiden could be seen with his siblings playing by the escalator alone for several minutes.

Jaiden and his sister then grabbed the moving handrail and rode up the outside of the escalator, moving out of view of the camera.

Footage from another camera pointing at the top of the escalator shows Jaiden still holding on to the handrail as he nearly makes it to the top of the escalator before apparently losing his grip and falling.

Channel 9 has made the decision not to show those portions of video.

A painting contractor saw what was happening and caught the girl when she fell, but was not able to catch Jaiden, according to the new report.

Jaiden was seriously hurt, and others at the airport along with medical personnel tried to save the boy. He died at the hospital days later.

Authorities said the children played by themselves for about an hour and that their mother, Jiteria Lightner, did not check on them.

Lightner denies that accusation. She was charged with misdemeanor child abuse.

(From Left: Jaiden Cowart, Jiteria Lightner)