‘Nightmare came to life’: Dog attacks horse carriage at Union County park

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — It was a chaotic and terrifying scene last weekend at a park in Union County when a dog started attacking a horse carriage with a family on board.

The attack, which happened at the Cane Creek Park in Waxhaw, was all caught on video. A dog, triggered by something, went after a horse named Queen Charlotte pulling a carriage.

“We had a family on the carriage. There were families and kids everywhere,” said the horse’s owner, Bridger Medin.

Medin said the attack happened Saturday on the first day of carriage rides for the season, and the last ride of the day.

“Nightmare came to life. It was something we never have experienced,” Medin said.

Medin said the frightened family came to him after the incident and told him to thank the horse and carriage driver. The family said they saved their lives.

Medin said the video posted on YouTube as part of the sheriff’s investigation shows the end of the attack -- and a horse trained to protect others, even under a vicious attack.

“The horse stayed and gave the fight of its life to protect the people and its riders,” Medin said.

Queen Charlotte even kicked the dog, but the animal continued to attack. The carriage driver, Amanda Underwood, then jumped in to help.

″Had Amanda not have done that, I feel sure that horse at some point would have quit fighting and run for his life, and that would have been catastrophic,” Medin said.

The dog was eventually subdued.

Queen Charlotte, who weighs 2,200 pounds, suffered bites on the legs, stomach and throat, and was bitten through her jaw. Investigators said the dog was also severely wounded, and a vet advised it may be best to euthanize the pet.

No charges have been filed at this point.

There is no leash law in Union County but park operators say it is policy that pets must be tethered.

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