North Carolina lawmakers to look into digital license plates

North Carolina lawmakers to look into digital license plates

NORTH CAROLINA — Just about everything is digital these days and now, your license plate could be getting a technology upgrade.

North Carolina is now studying "digital" license plates.

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In a North Carolina House bill just signed into law, the joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee will study the feasibility of making a digital license plate available as an alternative to the traditional physical registration plates used by the DMV.

The law does not specify what exactly the goal is, what a digital place is, or how it would work, but Channel 9 did look into what other states are doing.

California's DMV said they are piloting a digital license plate program. In Arizona, drivers can already get digital plates from a company called Reviver ACC to Arizona DOT.

The company said they offer digital registration renewal, can display stolen vehicle information on the plate and have plans for Amber and weather alerts in the future.

"As far as like Amber Alerts, I think it'd be great. Stolen cars, everything is going digital anyway. I think it would be a great idea," driver Jajuan Davis said.

"I'd like to see if that's going to help catch criminals, I'd like to see that," driver Audrey Pride said.

We will know more when the North Carolina study findings come out in the 2020 regular session.