Couple killed in NC plane crash after visiting grandchildren, family says

WINTERVILLE, N.C. — Federal authorities are investigating after an airplane with two people aboard crashed in North Carolina, a National Transportation Safety Board spokesperson said Sunday.

A North Carolina couple was killed in the crash on Saturday night while flying back from a visit to their grandchildren, family members confirmed with .

Just before 6 p.m., the Flight Design CTSW airplane crashed at the South Oaks Aerodrome Airport on Prop Drive off of County Home Road in Winterville, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told ABC-affiliate WCTI.

“At this early stage of an investigation, NTSB does not state a cause but will only provide factual information when available,” Holloway wrote in an email.

An NTSB investigator arrived at the crash site Sunday afternoon to begin investigating, Holloway said.

“It is extremely early in the investigation and one of the investigator’s priorities will be to begin the process of documenting the scene and examining the aircraft,” he wrote. “Part of the investigation will be to request radar data, weather information, air traffic control communication, airplane maintenance records and the pilot’s medical records.

On Sunday morning, a Pitt County family-owned butcher shop, Stancill’s Wild Game Meat Processing, confirmed the tragic news of the two involved -- Alan and Susan Stancill were killed in the crash.

Michael Emory, the son of the two victims, said he knew his parents were involved in the crash because of the security footage from the airport.

”Some security footage from the airport area captured it,” Emory explained. “We’re able to identify the plane as their plane, and the timing works out.”

Emory told WCTI the crash happened near his parents’ home. He said they’ve landed there hundreds of times.

”Given the faith my family holds, I think we have to look at it the second way that it was a divine purpose,” Emory shared.

Winterville is about 7 miles south of Greenville, North Carolina.

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