‘Oh, rats!’: Rodents impact three airport restaurants

CHARLOTTE — Three restaurants in the Charlotte-Douglas Airport have a common problem: rodents.

The Health Department has closed one restaurant and placed the other two on notice. According to officials, corrective action has already been taken.

On Wednesday, investigators shut down 1897 Market, but the restaurant reopened Friday following a deep cleaning, and pest control measures.

The department says a 30-day intent to suspect was given to Great American Bagel and Brookwood Farms after slight rodent activity was found.

“I would never think about them being here in the airport,” Spring Harris, a passenger said.

Many other flyers share Harris’ shock regarding learning about the outbreak, because of the measures taken to get rid of the problem all of the restaurants are open. But Debbie Haughnet says it’ll take her some time to revisit any of the three airport restaurants.

“I think it’s probably broader and I would have to have much more detail about the clean-up process,” she said.

Channel 9 reached out to the restaurants on Saturday about the rodent problem and has yet to hear back. Harris says she trusts the health department to do its job.

“I’m fairly sure that this is the cleanest their kitchens are gonna be after they have had to pass a certain inspection,” Harris said.

Mecklenburg County Public Health Officials say they will continue to monitor the situation.

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