Organization works to identify, restore slave burials around Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An organization is working to identify slave burials around Charlotte and restore them.

The group Periwinkle 1619 was at a site Saturday in South End, where there are eight slave grave markings, but historians say up to 24 slaves could be buried below.

“We have so many graveyards, true slave graveyards that are being covered up,” said neighbor Tommie Robinson.

The area off of Remount Road and Youngblood Road now has luxury apartments and new construction all around it.

“They have no clue as to what they are walking on. I’ve seen dog feces out here, broken glass. There’s just no care. We want to restore that care,” said Quinn Vines.

Periwinkle 1619 is committed to cleaning slave gravesites all over the South with love, respect and care.

The group cleans up trash, mows the lawns and plants periwinkle flowers. Scholars believe the flowers were the most common brought to the gravesites of enslaved Americans.

“We identify by science the location of slaves and their burials, their resting place,” said organizer Desi Bryant.

Periwinkles are resilient, and they represented the endurance of the men, women and children buried at these gravesites.

“In due time, we will be able to uncover these truths that have been buried,” said Vines.