Pageland police chief, captain put on administrative leave

PAGELAND, S.C. — Pageland police Chief Craig Greenlee and Capt. Dean Short were put on administrative leave on Friday after being accused of a breaking into the home of a Pageland police officer.

Channel 9 confirmed that South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is investigating the incident, which the report said happened Monday night.

The town council held an emergency meeting Friday afternoon in relation to the investigation and the town administrator was given authority to take action in the case.

According to the report, Officer Brandon Roberts was supposed to be at work but went to a family event in North Carolina instead.

He was returning home, and noticed he had missed several calls from Greenlee. He learned that Greenlee was at his house, waiting for him to come home, along with Short.

The report said when Roberts got home he entered the back door of his home on Brock Road and found several items out of place and on the floor. He noticed his utility belt and his police radio were missing. A cross that hung on the wall, a wedding cup and a family album were found on the floor.

Roberts said Greenlee and Short "chewed him out" for missing work, telling him work comes first, and threatening to fire him and have his certification as an officer revoked.

The report said they gave back his missing police gear, told him to "press his shirt" and get to work. Roberts stated that he did and came in to work.

Roberts later filed a report of the burglary with the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office, naming Greenlee and Short as subjects who allegedly took the items.

The Sheriff's Office turned the case over to SLED on Wednesday.

When reached out to his office, Greenlee declined to comment.

Channel 9 is still reaching out to Roberts who filed the report.

Channel 9 reporter Greg Suskin broke the story on Twitter and is following every detail on the case.

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