• Panthers execs to tell MLS they have 60 suite commitments for expansion franchise

    By: Erik Spanberg, Charlotte Business Journal


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - If a Major League Soccer team comes to Charlotte, there are at least 60 companies willing to spend $100,000 annually to buy luxury suites, Carolina Panthers executives told the Charlotte Business Journal this week. The pledges for suites would dwarf many existing teams in the league, whose soccer-specific stadiums typically have a total of 30 luxury boxes.

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    Tom Glick, Panthers president, and Joe LaBue, vice president of ticket sales and services, said the NFL team has spent recent months conducting corporate and fan surveys to better gauge interest in an MLS team. 

    “We’ve been looking at interest in supporting a new Major League Soccer club and the news is extraordinary,” Glick said. “We have 60 letters of intent for annual commitments for suites just for soccer. And I think what’s important about that is we haven’t gone to the market yet. We’ve really just been speaking to the folks who are already here.”

    There are 151 luxury suites at Bank of America Stadium.

    In addition to corporate interest, Glick predicted season ticket sales in the range of 30,000 for a Charlotte MLS team. There are no intent letters, ticket deposits or commitments for season tickets.

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