Parking fees changes in uptown, South End delayed until 2023

CHARLOTTE — Parking fee changes in uptown and South End have been delayed until next year, officials said Friday.

The change was initially set to go into effect Sept. 10, but city officials said it will be “implemented later next year as part of an overall review and action plan for on-street parking and curb space management.”

People in uptown or South End were going to have to pay to park on Saturdays, instead of just Monday through Friday. But for now, parking will remain free on Saturdays and Sundays.

The change was set to come after a long list of different parking revisions from the city of Charlotte. In July, hourly rates for metered spots went from $1 to $1.50. Last spring, the city also phased out meter locations to force people to use their phones to pay.

The city expects an extra $700,000 from the increases, and they plan to use the money for street maintenance and transportation projects.

Back in May, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles told Channel 9 the new changes are necessary.

“Right now, you can park on Friday afternoon and stay until Monday morning,” Lyles said. “That’s not what our parking system is designed to do.”

People who don’t pay for metered parking may get ticketed -- and even towed.

Charlotte Councilman Ed Driggs told Channel 9 he isn’t on board with the penalties on parking.

“Until we have a public transportation infrastructure that is sufficient to allow people to get out of their cars and travel by other means, putting penalties on parking is just a tax,” Driggs said.

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