Person falls ill with bacterial infection after eating oysters at NoDa restaurant

CHARLOTTE — Mecklenburg County health officials are warning about the potential of getting a bacterial infection after eating raw oysters.

The health department says it received a report from South Carolina about a vibriosis investigation connected to Fairweather in NoDa.

Officials say a person got sick after eating raw oysters at the restaurant.

Mecklenburg County health leaders say Fairweather falls under non-regulated bars, which serve limited food menus and don’t have to be inspected.

Mecklenburg County Public Health Director Dr. Raynard Washington says there’s an effort at the state level to change that.

“The actual regulation, I believe, unintentionally gave these bars the ability not to be inspected despite the fact that they sell food,” Washington said.

Fairweather told Channel 9, “From what we understand, this is not due to mishandling of any oysters on our end, but rather an issue stemming back to the purveyor/farmer that these oysters originated from. We no longer carry those oysters. We follow all safety and health guidelines for handling, storage, and service of oysters.”

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