Arrests made for shooting in west Charlotte neighborhood

CHARLOTTE — Two people have been arrested for a shooting in west Charlotte Tuesday afternoon, Channel 9 has learned.

Residents told Channel 9 they heard the sound of gunfire near a greenway in west Charlotte. Police confirmed Wednesday the shooting had nothing to do with the greenway.

Chopper 9 Skyzoom flew to the scene at Coronet Way and the Stewart Creek Greenway off Rozzelles Ferry Road as officers ran through the neighborhood with large guns drawn. They appeared to be searching for suspects.

Crime scene tape was put up along one road.

On Wednesday, Channel 9′s Hunter Sáenz learned two homes were shot into, along with a car. According to a police report, three children between the ages of 1 and 8 were in the line of fire in one of the houses. There were no injuries reported, but officers found 40 to 60 shell casings at the dead end of Coronet Way, records show.

Arrest records show brothers Urundi and Ulysses Barnes were arrested for the crime.

According to the arrest sheet for the case, Ulysses said it all started when he saw someone he knew walk by. He told officers he had “previous beef” with the person, and said he was carrying a bag and threatening the brothers as he walked by.

Ulysses said while he did not see the man with a gun, he thought he had one. He said when the man walked off towards Coronet Way, his uncle told him to grab an AR-style rifle from inside the home.

In the arrest sheet, Ulysses told officers he gave the gun to his uncle, who walked with Urundi toward Coronet Way. Ulysses said he heard shots but did not see who was shooting, and he went back to the house.

Officers found the rifle, which had been taken back to the home, and found it only had one bullet left in a 60-round magazine.

Urundi confessed to officers that he fired several rounds at the man on Coronet Way as he ran off. He “stated that his intent was not to hurt or kill the guy, he just wanted to scare him.” Urundi said he didn’t know he shot into the houses.

Creating change

“I think it just promotes fear, hearing those gunshots,” said Leondra Garrett, a community activist. “But this is an area where you hear them all the time.”

Garrett is working to end gun violence in west Charlotte. She said she wants city leaders to invest more funding in violence prevention and work with future leaders to make a change.

“You have to ask the young people, that are victims or survivors that live this every day, what they want to see,” Garrett said.

Urundi Barnes and Ulysses Barnes are both facing multiple felony charges, including assault with a deadly weapon.

No further information has been released.

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