• CMPD: Woman robbed of $27K worth of items at SouthPark Mall

    By: Blake Hanson , Joe Bruno


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman was assaulted and robbed of $27,000 worth of items at SouthPark Mall, according to a police report released Thursday.

    The 56-year-old victim told officers that a man she didn't know approached her Wednesday afternoon in the parking deck outside Nordstrom and attacked her.

    "I have a pretty severe bruise on the side of my face. I have a bruise on my knee, a cut on my arm, my neck hurts. I think every bone of my body hurts," the victim told Channel 9 over the phone. Channel 9 is not identifying her. 

    She told Channel 9 that she was grabbing items from her car when a man sneaked up behind her and punched her left cheek, knocking her to the ground.

    She said the man dragged her across the ground, trying to pry her purse out of her hand. Once he got the purse, the attacker continued to hit her and tried to yank her 3 1/2-carat diamond ring off her hand, according to the victim. She said she ended up giving it to him.

    The police report says the robber took several other items, including diamond earrings, Prada sunglasses and the keys to her Mercedes-Benz.

    "Never expect to happen, especially at SouthPark at 2 in the afternoon with people around," the victim said.

    She said she was aware of her surroundings in the parking garage, but just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    "I think this was someone very desperate for money," she said. "I hope it just never happens to anyone else."

    The robber left in a vehicle and drove toward Barclay Downs Drive, according to the police report. No one has been arrested. 

    It was the second crime in less than a week at the upscale mall. It has some shoppers like Darren Brock on edge.

    "I think when you park your car, you should be very cautious anywhere you go, to and from your car," Brock said.

    Police responded April 13 to shots fired near Neiman Marcus. One bullet hit a column at the mall. The shooter drove off and no one has been arrested. Officers have stepped up patrols around the mall.

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