The Political Beat Candidate Guide: Catawba County primary election

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CATAWBA COUNTY, NC — Catawba County residents will cast their votes in the North Carolina primary election on March 5.

The Political Beat Team sent out questions to candidates looking to represent Catawba County in Washington, D.C., here are their unedited responses:

Congressional District 10

Charles Eller

Charles Eller (R)

What is your occupation?-Sales Consultant/ Small Business Owner

Why are you running?-I’m running because our country is headed in the wrong direction under the Biden regime and establishment Republicans in Congress. We are facing catastrophic consequences if we don’t reverse course and go in the other direction immediately with the economy, the southern border, crime, weaponization of justice, foreign policy, and the deterioration of our culture here at home

What is the most important issue in your district and how do you plan to address it?-Most important issues in my district are the invasion on the southern border by illegal aliens and also the economy

What role, if any, should the United States have in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts?-The United States does not need to get involved in Ukraine, and we need to cut off all aid. Ukraine is a dictatorship posing as a democracy that is very corrupt. The Russian speaking provinces on the eastern border of Ukraine are not in the vital interest of the United States. as far as Israel goes, I think the United States needs to eat Israel, and that Hamas and radical Islam needs to be completely and totally destroyed because they are not only threaten the existence of Israel, but also threaten the existence of Western civilization.

How should Congress address the border and immigration?-We need to close the border, cut off all federal aid to illegal immigrants that are already here, and formulate a plan to deport the 10 million illegals who are already here. We also need to stop raising

What sets you apart from your opponent?-What sets me apart is that I have the courage to stand up for my convictions, and for my voting record to match my rhetoric. I am also a small business owner, and not a politician. I have no political allegiance to the establishment, the lobbyist, or the donor class. My allegiance to the constitution of the United States and the people of the 10th district. My motives for running for Congress are rooted in doing what is best for the people and standing up for them and not to further advance my career or add to my résumé.

Pat Harrigan

Pat Harrigan (R)

What is your occupation?-Small Business Owner and Firearms Manufacture

Why are you running?-One night, while praying over our daughters as they slept, my wife and I were overcome with a genuine concern for their future. I believe that we stand at a crucial juncture in our history where our decisions today will determine whether we become the first generation to leave fewer opportunities for the next generations of Americans. As a father, this concern for the future, along with a dedication to conservative principles, compelled me to step forward and represent the people of our district. I firmly believe that politicians only focus on the next election, but true leaders, the kind we desperately need, are concerned about the next generations. My commitment to service and my passion for the well-being of this country have deep roots, nurtured since my youth, and strengthened during my time at West Point, to the battlefields in Afghanistan as a Green Beret. I bring a dedication to conservative principles and a genuine desire to protect the future of our children.

What is the most important issue in your district, and how do you plan to address it?-We must protect American sovereignty, and unleash our economy. And, that starts with enacting President Trump’s “America First” agenda. My experiences from the battlefields to the boardrooms equip me with a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, unencumbered by political bureaucracy. Over the next two years, we have the chance to make incremental changes that will shape the destiny of the next generation. It begins with securing our borders, a fundamental step to Protecting our Nation. We must Unleash the full force of our Economy, empowering businesses and individuals alike to thrive while reducing our families’ financial burdens. Finally, and equally important, we must Restore Governmental Integrity. We can rebuild trust in our institutions by championing integrity, transparency, and accountability. Together, by taking these steps, we can ensure that our children inherit a nation filled with opportunities and that our generation becomes the catalyst for positive, lasting change.

What role, if any, should the United States have in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts?-The world is burning around us today because of weak leadership from the current Administration. I strongly support President Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy because this approach prioritizes the interests and well-being of the United States above all else, emphasizing a commitment to national sovereignty, economic prosperity, and the security of American citizens. We must prioritize American sovereignty above all else, and not a single dollar should be spent on Ukraine until our own country’s physical security is provided for at our southern border. This starts with building President Trump’s Wall. After that, we must demand that European leadership leads the fight to support Ukraine, because this fight is in their backyard and fits squarely into their immediate collective interests. As for the Israel-Hamas conflict, there is only one end-state that aligns with our American strategic interests, and that is a lasting resolution that respects the security and sovereignty of the nation of Israel. While deployed, I have witnessed firsthand the complex dynamics of the Middle East, and understand that American involvement must prioritize supporting Israel because, unlike Ukraine, they are our most trusted ally. We must ensure Israel’s security in order to foster stability in the region. This is possible with the strong, principal leadership who understands that we cannot spend ourselves out of conflicts.

How should Congress address the issue of immigration at the U.S. border?-Let me be clear: There is absolutely no tolerance for the current invasion of our border, and we must immediately work to restore our national sovereignty by securing our southern border, completing President Trump’s Wall, and deporting those who are in this country illegally. We must cut off any federal services to those here illegally and hold those who facilitated this invasion accountable, and it starts with impeaching Secretary Mayorkas. I will immediately advocate for bolstering our Border Patrol and law enforcement agencies through legislation that strengthens immigration laws and closes loopholes exploited by those flooding our border. Border security is national security, and we do not have a secure nation without a secure border.

What sets you apart from your opponent?-I am not a politician! I am a man of faith, a combat Veteran, and an entrepreneur. This is what sets me apart from the others in this race and the reasons my opponents are threatened by me and my candidacy. From West Point to the battlefield and into the firearms manufacturing industry, my journey has reinforced my oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. As a former Green Beret, I am the only candidate who has faced our nation’s adversaries head-on, and I am fueled with unwavering determination to defend America’s future. I will not waiver! We must fortify our borders and jumpstart our economy; I am committed to bringing robust and strategic leadership to Congress. I am not just a candidate but a tireless warrior with the business acumen to infuse passion, conviction, and genuine dedication into preserving American conservative principles that will ensure the success of our nation and uphold our oath to this country.

Diana Jimison

Diana Jimison (R)

What is your occupation?-RN Case Manager

Why are you running?-2020 lit the fire already stirring in my soul, wanting to see change and to protect people from the abuse by Big Government. I’ve seen so many suffer on the healthcare side of things. Healthcare is huge in an individual’s life. In 2020, we had very few in Congress that had any discernment to figure out the fraudulent activity that has costed so many lives and continued suffering. We need fighters in office who care about more than lining their own pocket or building a name. We need to strip power from Big Pharma and insurance and give autonomy back to the physician.

What is the most important issue in your district and how do you plan to address it?-I believe the nation’s cries are the same across the board. Corruption has flooded the government. People are living in despair and they need hope. Americans need relief financially, physically and mentally. End taxation, shut the borders and stop wasting monies on foolishness and help our people. Make media, governmental officials, and Congress accountable for crimes against humanity and the criminal behaviors of the 2020 election.

What role, if any, should the United States have in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts?-We need to stop sending money to any country until we can get ours straightened out. We need to stop funding wars on both sides. This should be criminal activity. There needs to be in depth investigations into both situations.America should always support Israel but not necessarily corrupt leaders.

How should Congress address the issue of immigration at the U.S. border?-Shut it down. Period.

What sets you apart from your opponent?-I am a boots on the ground kind of woman..yes, I said am a woman.. I do my due diligence and then I hit the floor running. I am not a puppet on a string to be controlled by anyone. I get my instructions from above and mentors that love Jesus. This is why as much as I can taste fighting a corrupt system and being 10′s next Congresswoman, I am asking for District 10 to support Brooke McGowen. Brooke and I are on the same page. After digging for truth behind the 2 running who have money and financial support, it’s in the people’s best interest that we do all that we can do to keep more rich men from going to Washington. This alone sets me apart and I’m proud of that. It’s so disheartening to watch people vote the same way but get mad when things never change. It’s called insanity. We are at a precipice. Vote Brooke McGowan NC-10.

Brooke McGowan

Brooke McGowan (R)

What is your occupation?- Currently: Political Candidate. Past: Media Correspondent, Business/Clinic Manager, Marketing Director

Why are you running?-To seek justice for victims of bad government in the US response to COVID, the border crisis, and to say “no” to out of control spending. I will revive the Congressional Wastebook and expose all the ridiculous things the government spends money on, even in this last budget we are paying for insane items: a monkey opera, a Napa Valley (one of the richest counties) bike trail. Why does a North Carolinian’s taxes pay for this madness? We are all personally, financially drying up, and still paying for unbelievably stupid things. I will always stand up against that insanity.

What is the most important issue in your district and how do you plan to address it?-The national debt. I will not vote for another omnibus bill. We are in dangerous territory with the debt. I will support single issue bills only and say no to any bill thrust to a vote with no time to review. Also, every state is now a border state. Congress has the power of the purse, I will vote to shut off funds to any NGO that facilitates the invasion at our border.

What role, if any, should the United States have in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts?-The US should promote a cease fire in both conflicts. Borders matter. Israel should not be the front lines of a proxy war between the US and Iran. Ukraine is appearing more and more to be a boondoggle and quagmire, a scheme for Military Industrial Complex and other elites growing richer from the crisis.

How should Congress address the issue of immigration at the U.S. border?-Close the Border and complete the Border Wall. We need take car of veterans, the working poor, and Americans crushed by Bidenomics rather than turning a blind eye to human and drug trafficking and the consequences of bad policy. Turn off the spigot of endless funding to these NGOs, we are witnessing America funding our own demise. A terror attack is imminent, according to Director Christopher Wray. I was just at the border last weekend, this crisis is dangerous and untenable. We MUST say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

What sets you apart from your opponent?-Tenacity and a fighting spirit. I’m not a go-along-to-get-along establishment Republican who recently passed Medicaid expansion in the NC House, or a big government advocate, selected by the previous representative, who launched his arms trade business on government handouts (state assist in 2018 and Covid assist in 2020). I’m not well funded by any PACs and/or private interests – I am beholden only to the voters of my district. I only accept endorsements from like-minded patriots and the grassroots. I am a proud patriot, whose father fought for this country, and then became a casualty of this war we are now in. I am the only candidate stating how I will investigate and seek indictments for those who’ve perpetrated COVID and the horrific COVID response onto the American people. If they are not held to account, they will do it again. Even this year, we are told to expect a new pandemic. I will always FIGHT BACK! for you.

Grey Mills

Grey Mills (R)

What is your occupation?-Attorney/State Legislator

Why are you running?-I am running because I watch the disastrous policies coming out of Washington and am terrified of where our country will be if we continue on this path. We have a wide open southern border and a debt crisis unlike anything we have ever seen, yet politicians in Washington refuse to get serious about our problems. We need to send someone with our North Carolina Values to Washington so we can secure the border, build the wall, and stop the fiscal insanity we see on a daily basis.

What is the most important issue in your district and how do you plan to address it?-The southern border. I have yet to attend a campaign stop in any county in this district where it is not the first or second issue that comes up. Under Joe Biden, our border is a disaster. Everyday, hundreds of thousands of unvetted people come into our country and fentanyl pours into our communities. I believe we need to build the wall, fund law enforcement and border patrol, reinstitute Remain in Mexico and send back those who came here illegally. While some candidates in this race believe in a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, I do not.

What role, if any, should the United States have in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts?-Neither one of these situations would have happened if President Trump were still in office. Our enemies sense a weak leader, and are acting accordingly. On Ukraine, no one wants to see Putin win, but we cannot continue to write blank checks with no plan for victory. I have yet to see or hear of a plan that demonstrates what our goal is and how we achieve it. On Israel, I believe we need to do everything we can to ensure Israel defeats Hamas. Hamas’ action on October 7th were barbaric, and have been rightfully condemned. Israel is one of our greatest allies in the toughest parts of the world, we have a longstanding relationship and we should continue to support them in this effort.

How should Congress address the issue of immigration at the U.S. border?-No amnesty, build the wall. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the Southern Border is an complete disaster, and no one is doing anything to stop it. This has all started because the Biden administration sent a clear message that if you come here illegally, we will pay for your healthcare and travel wherever you want to go. We have veterans and American citizens struggling, yet they are choosing the put illegals over our own. In Raleigh, I voted to increase penalties for those trafficking fentanyl, and passed legislation that required Law Enforcement to cooperate with ICE. In addition to doing that, we need to build the wall, reinstitute Remain in Mexico and empower border patrol to do anything necessary to secure the border. There are a lot of solutions, but amnesty is not one of them.

What sets you apart from your opponent?-Our views on immigration. Pat Harrigan has publicly stated he supports a pathway to citizenship, I do not.

NC Senate District 45

Did not respond:

Mark Hollo (R)

Nancy Meek (R).

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