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ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — North Carolina primary elections are set for March 5, and there are candidates in the running to represent Rowan County in both Washington D.C., and the state House in Raleigh.

Congressional District 6

Republican candidates

Jay Wagner

Jay Wagner

What is your occupation? Attorney- private practice. Former mayor of High Point

Why are you running? I’m running because we need new principled leadership representing NC CD-6. I’m proud of my record as mayor of High Point- property tax value from $9B to $13.5B, cut of nearly 10% of our property tax rate over the course of my term as mayor, never raising taxes, supporting our High Point police department’s Focused Deterrence Model that led to a nearly 66% reduction in violent crime and leading on innovative pro-growth initiatives that resulted in both a minor league baseball and soccer team calling High Point home. I’m running to stand up for our North Carolina values, demand we secure our southern border and help bring economic growth to our district.

What is the most important issue in your district and how do you plan to address it? We need a congressman that will work with locally elected officials to bring economic opportunities to our forgotten mill towns. I’m the only candidate that was born, lives and works in the 6th district. I brought innovative ideas and solutions to spur economic growth in High Point that have elevated our residents’ standard of living and am prepared to bring those same successful solutions throughout our district as our congressman.

What role, if any, should the United States have in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts? The United States should and could have helped avoid the disagreements between Ukraine and Russia turning into an all-out war. We now must support the people from Russia’s territorial aggression, but in doing so have clear objectives and how we ultimately bring this war to an end. We cannot continue to fund this war and should never have funded this war without clear and concise objectives and what victory looks like. I support Israel 100%. Israel was heinously attacked by Hamas and will continue to live in threat of fear unless we support them in their eradication of Hamas. Israel shouldn’t and cannot continue to live under the constant terrorism of Hamas.

How should Congress address the border and immigration? This is beyond simple- enforce the law. We must end chain migration, end catch and release, reinstate Remain in Mexico and turn away false asylum claims. An individual only has a right to have an asylum claim heard if there is information provided that they’re fleeing persecution, a natural disaster or war. Build the wall, deport illegal aliens manipulating our immigration system and fund our border patrol.

What sets you apart from your opponent? I have a conservative record. Actions speak louder than words- while my opponents have been campaigning in previous cycles and losing one race after another, I’ve brought meaningful change that has resulted in a greater standard of living for my community. We need a congressman that will help our working-class district and help bring economic opportunity throughout NC CD-6. I did it as mayor and I’ll do it as our congressman by working with locally elected officials on plans specific to each town.

Mark Walker

Mark Walker

What is your occupation?

President of Advancing Hope, Inc., my consulting company

Why are you running?

I am running because I am the only proven conservative that can help secure the border and balance our budget. I am also the only elected Republican in the state to win the UNCF President’s award. No other candidate has more relationships across various communities.

What is the most important issue in your district and how do you plan to address it?

The most important issue in our district is to make sure the recovery of small businesses continue post Covid. Two-thirds of jobs in the six district are from small businesses. Removing burdensome regulations and compliance issues are high priorities of mine, allowing these businesses to flourish in creating additional jobs.

What role, if any, should the United States have in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts?

Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East, and as both a follower of Christ and someone with geopolitical experience, I believe it is in our national interest to have a strong Israel.

How should Congress address the issue of immigration at the U.S. border?

Follow the laws on the books. Reinstate the remain in Mexico policy for asylum seekers. Immediately deport illegals convicted of felons.

What sets you apart from your opponent?

I am the only proven conservative in this race. I am ready to hit the ground running day 1 and pick up where I left off. Other candidates in the race will make promises about what they say they will do. I don’t have to make promises, voters can see my record.

Mary Ann Contogiannis

Mary Ann Contogiannis

What is your occupation? Plastic Surgeon

Why are you running? I am very concerned with the direction that our country has been heading in over the past 3 years. The wide-open southern border has compromised our national & personal security and needs to be closed with restoration of our immigration laws. President Biden has abdicated his most important duty - keeping our country & its citizens safe. This has led to a fentanyl crisis killing Americans and human & sex trafficking that has reached NC. Add to that the inflation related to Bidenomics, out of control federal spending, weak foreign policy and a struggling healthcare system that need to be addressed. Also, our personal liberties are slowly being taken away and must be restored.

What is the most important issue in your district and how do you plan to address it? The wide-open southern border and its increasing crime rate. The border needs to be closed, asylum claims need to be processed as quickly as possible and illegals deported. If someone broke a law to enter the U.S., then they need to be deported.

What role if any should the United States have in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts? Regarding Ukraine, President Clinton signed a memorandum with the UK/Ukraine/Russia that basically said if Ukraine gives up its nuclear weapons, then the US & UK would protect Ukraine from aggression. However, it was not a treaty. So, this is more of a moral agreement. I cannot agree to support another country to protect its borders without closure of our southern border so we can protect our country and its citizens. If any further aid is given, it should be military supplies only, no cash & there must be a detailed accounting of how those resources were used as we have seen corruption within the Ukrainian government.

Regarding Israel, Hamas wants to wipe Israel off the map, that cannot be tolerated. We must always stand against anti-Semitism and against terrorism. However, the same issue applies regarding closing our border to protect the US.

How should Congress address the border and immigration? The southern border needs to be closed immediately, we need to complete building Trump’s border wall, asylum claims should be processed as soon as possible, deport illegals if they entered in violation of our immigration policies and go back to our existing immigration laws and policies.

What sets you apart from your opponent? I am a strong conservative Republican and the most well-rounded candidate. I approach this position as being a servant leader to the citizens of the 6th district. My parents immigrated from Greece the right way and I am the result of the American Dream so I will work to close the southern border & restore our immigration system. My parents taught me to love my family, love God and my country. I am Pro-life, support the preservation of parental rights to guide their children’s education & upbringing, understand the importance of strengthening our military so we are respected as we protect our freedom, understand the business world (I am a small businesswoman), will protect Title IX, support the 2nd amendment, have strong leadership skills and have the medical expertise necessary to preserve Medicare and fix our healthcare system.

Did not respond:

Bo Hines

Addison McDowell

Christian Castelli

North Carolina House District 83

Grant Campbell

Grant Campbell

What is your occupation? Practicing physician, Vice-Chair of the NC State Board of Community Colleges, Board of Directors of both the UNC General Alumni Association and The Independence Fund, Combat Veteran.

Why are you running? I want to bring a results-driven approach to crafting policy with a dedication to accountability to the people I represent.

What is the most important issue you want to tackle in your district and how will you address it? I want to reduce the significant tax and governmental fee burden placed on our citizens in a time of out of control inflation

Should North Carolina legalize casinos? I do not see a justification to expand the casino footprint in our state.

What if any reforms should be made to North Carolina’s alcohol laws? Our ABC Board must be more responsive to the people and the businesses of the state.

Did not respond:

Brad Jenkins

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