Pregnant Cornelius mother diagnosed with rare eye cancer

CORNELIUS, N.C. — Channel 9 has been investigating ocular melanoma for years. It's an eye cancer that strikes only five people out of 1 million, but it has affected nearly two dozen people in Huntersville.

Now, Channel 9 has learned about another case that is affecting a young family in Cornelius.

Jessica Boemiller was diagnosed with ocular melanoma in November. She’s pregnant with twins and is due to have a cesarean section next week.

Past coverage of eye cancer cluster in Huntersville: 

She underwent eye surgery two weeks ago, but doctors can’t test whether the cancer has spread until after she delivers the twins.

Her husband, Mark, is a firefighter in Charlotte and a combat veteran.

Dr. Michael Brennan has been investigating the eye cancer cluster, but genetic testing of those affected has found no clear link to the cancer. He is hoping to wrap up more research soon on how environmental factors may play a role.

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