Pregnant Gastonia woman shot while sitting on front porch

GASTONIA, N.C. — Police are searching for the person who fired a gun Monday night at a home in Gastonia and hit a pregnant woman.

Tiffany Hambrick and her boyfriend, Reginald McCaskill, were sitting on the front porch of their home on Allison Avenue when the shots were fired, according to investigators.

Authorities said Hambrick was hit in the abdomen and her boyfriend was hit in the hand. The couple was released from the hospital and they are recovering.

The couple is back now and determined to ensure that the person who threatened their lives and the life of their unborn child faces justice.

Hambrick held a bag of bullets and shell casings from the shooting and spoke to the yet shooter.

"You about killed me and you about killed him, and you about killed my baby and I don't like that," Hambrick said.

Last night she, McCaskill and a few friends sat on the front porch of their home on Allison Avenue,

One man said they were playing music and they didn't hear the first few shots.

"We (were) just sitting there until I felt a bullet fly past my head,” Robert Townsend, who was also on the porch, said. “That's when I jumped up and told everybody to go."

McCaskill tried to protect his girlfriend and their unborn child.

"I jumped in front of my girl,” McCaskill said. “At the time, I guess I must have got shot.”

An ultrasound showed the baby was fine, but Hambrick said doctors told her she came within inches of death.

"If I would have been standing a little bit more at an angle, it would have pierced through my liver and I would have been dead," Hambrick said.

The couple said they have no idea who fired the shots or why, but some of the people with them shot back, firing into the darkness hoping to hit someone.

The group spent all day talking to police hoping to find the person who fired the shot that could have taken three lives.

"I just hope that justice gets served,” Hambrick said.

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