Source: President Trump to visit Charlotte next week for private fundraiser

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — President Donald Trump is expected to visit Charlotte next week for a private fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Mark Harris (R-N.C., 9th district) and U.S. Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C., 13th district), a source told Channel 9.

The fundraiser will be Aug. 31 at the Trump National Golf Club, the source said.

Experts told Channel 9 this visit is all about making sure Republicans come out on top in the midterm elections.

Between now until the election on Nov. 6, President Donald Trump will be on the road more than 40 days.

Political expert Eric Heberlig said Harris needs the president in his fight against Democrat Dan McCready, a former Marine and popular business owner.

“Trump is very popular with the Republican base,” Heberlig said.

He said President Trump also needs Harris to win the 9th district. The win would help Republicans hold onto much needed congressional power.

“This race is important because it's the most competitive. In North Carolina, Democrats need 23 seats in the House to win a majority. This is one of the key seats likely to be a candidate for turning over. Most districts are solid Republican or Democratic. This one leans Republican, but in a Democratic year, it's a seat that could flip,” Heberlig said.

Heberlig pointed to 2016, when western parts of the district supported Hillary Clinton.

Recent fundraising numbers also show Harris is far behind his competitor.

“The president is coming here for a fundraiser to make sure Harris has finances to be up on TV in Charlotte and up on TV in Raleigh for the Fayetteville section,” Heberlig said.

A public event has not been planned or announced.

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