Rain this month has more than doubled the January average

January 2023 has been a rainy month, and data shows we’ve seen more this year than we normally do in January.

As of Wednesday, we’re now over double the amount of normal rainfall for the month of January, Meteorologist John Ahrens says. And it’s not letting up -- there’s even more rain in the forecast for this weekend.

One of the top reasons for the trend is that the storm track has been changing. Instead of fronts coming at us from the Northwest, where it’s drier, they are now coming from the South and the Gulf of Mexico.

The new storm path means the mountains do not have an opportunity to deflect a lot of that energy.

Another reason for the higher rainfall totals is that temperatures this month have been warmer than they were in December. Warmer air holds more water vapor, which is adding to all of the rain.

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