Renovated Mooresville skatepark opens to public

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — The town of Mooresville’s renovated skate part is now open to the public. The new park will give access to surrounding residents and is the largest skate park in the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic.

The park is located on West Iredell Avenue in Mooresville and debuted with a public party on Saturday.

The skate park was originally built in 2008 for $436,000. It was once a fenced concrete pad with rails, boxes, ledges and metal ramps. Phase 2 of the project was supposed to add concrete bowls and an urban street course, but the town halted the project due to the 2008 recession.

After multiple repairs, the town decided to tear the park down and build a new one. The Mooresville Board of Commissioners approved $2.8 million in spending to redesign, construct, renovate and improve the park on the original site.

The community had input on the design of the park through a survey. Due to the pandemic, there were supply issues during the building of the park. Parks & Recreation Assistant Director Darrin Hucks hopes the new park will impact local businesses.

“It will allow us to serve the area’s skaters and also offer the opportunity to bring in events that will provide an economic impact to Mooresville,” said Hucks.

The skate park will be open to the public daily from sunrise until 10 p.m., starting Saturday.

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