Rowan-Salisbury School District considers changes to teacher hiring requirements

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — The Rowan-Salisbury School District is considering making changes to hiring requirements for teachers as it looks to widen the field of candidates to educate your children.

A new proposal being considered by the district drops a four-year college degree requirement for applicants hoping to be hired as a teacher. Instead it requires a relevant degree, relevant work experience, a 2.5 grade point average and successful completion of orientation.

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Some parents told Channel 9 they are disturbed the four-year college degree requirement could be left out.

“I’d rather them have a four-year degree,” said Myra Dunigan. “This is my child and I want [teachers] to have the knowledge to be able to test them.”

Rowan-Salisbury Schools has the authority to make changes to these requirements because it is the first renewal school district in the state of North Carolina. That means the school district functions as a charter school and has more freedom when it comes to curriculum, hiring and spending.

Judy Kidd, president of Classroom Teachers Association of NC, called the proposal vague and potentially problematic.

“I think they’re taking shortcuts to have a warm body in a classroom because that’s what they need right now,” said Kidd.

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Rowan-Salisbury School Board members met Monday night to discuss the new proposal. The board chair told Channel 9 a vote could happen sometime next year.

If approved and if school leaders see success from the proposal, similar changes to teaching requirements could happen across the state.

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