• No charges against woman who vanished before C-Section

    By: Dave Faherty


    SALISBURY, N.C. - Thursday update: Police said they do not plan to file charges against a Salisbury woman who disappeared on the morning she was scheduled for a C-section.

    Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther was found in Boone six days after she disappeared from her home. Channel 9 has been asking her family for more information about her baby.

    Her brother said they're no longer expecting a new addition to the family but police have not said what happened to the child or if Bradshaw-Crowther was pregnant to begin with.

    'No new addition to the family' after missing pregnant woman found, brother says

    One day after a missing Salisbury woman was finally found safe, her family talked to Channel 9 to address the question on the minds of many.

    “Is Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther's baby OK?”  Channel 9 reporter Trish Williford asked.

    "Carrie is presently hospitalized and is receiving much needed medical care, while it is unfortunate we no longer expect a new addition to our family and ask for your continued prayers," said Drew Bradshaw, Crowther's brother.

    Bradshaw didn't go into any detail about what actually happened to his sister's baby.

    Family members of Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther didn’t immediately return phone calls made by Channel 9 on Wednesday about the unborn child.

    Family members say the 49-year-old was scheduled for a C-section last Tuesday when she disappeared from her Salisbury home.

    Then, on Monday, authorities in Boone say Bradshaw-Crowther used her ATM card at a CVS store. They later found her at a gas station

    Bradshaw-Crowther was then taken to a hospital for observation. But her family didn't mention her baby until now.

    "Mr. Bradshaw, can you tell us if Carrie's baby died?” Williford asked.

    “I can't tell you more than that all I can say is we're not expecting any new addition to our family. We respect the HIPAA laws and we feel that releasing any more information should be in Carrie's discretion after she has had the opportunity to heal," he said.

    Bradshaw thanked the police and the community for their support during this time. They say Bradshaw-Crowther is still recovering at a hospital.

    Search for Bradshaw-Crowther spanned multiple states

    (Photo taken by Steve Frank: GoBlueRidge.net)

    "I was very relieved it was a joy to find out Carrie was okay and alive and soon to be safe,” her brother Drew Bradshaw said.

    Family members had few answers Tuesday and wouldn’t say how her unborn baby was doing, or if she was actually pregnant.

    "Carrie is doing okay. She's in the hospital still being evaluated.  We are unable to release a whole lot of information about that," Drew Bradshaw said.

    The Watauga County Hospital she was taken to Monday said she had been discharged Tuesday.  Her brother told Channel 9 his sister was admitted to another hospital, but wouldn’t say which one. 

    However, he wanted to thank thousands of people who responded to our stories since last week.
    "We appreciate all the support, prayers, thoughts and concerns for Carrie," he said.

    Channel 9 first broke the news that deputies found Bradshaw-Crowther Monday at a gas station in Boone in her Mazda MPV.

    Channel 9 partners GoBlueRidge.com sent photo of what appears to be Bradshaw-Crowther moments after she was found.

    Channel 9 asked police if she could face charges, in light of new information about the baby.

    Salisbury police spokeswoman Capt. Shelia Lingle, said in an email,  “We are not looking to charge her for anything.”

    They referred Eyewitness News to the family for questions about the baby.  

    TIMELINE of the case

    Tuesday, June 2:

    • Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther, 49, was scheduled to have a C-section Tuesday morning, according to daughter Laura Lusk.
    • Lusk went to get gas before returning to take her mom to hospital, but she was gone

    Wednesday, June 3:

    • Bradshaw-Crowther was spotted at a Statesville gas station.
    • Police said they believe she spend at least one night at a hotel across the street.

    Sunday, June 7:

    • Police obtained surveillance images from the Statesville gas station where she was last spotted

    Monday, June 8:

    • Police located Bradshaw-Crowther at a Boone gas station after she used her ATM card at a nearby CVS store
    • Police are not releasing any information about her pregnancy or the baby

    Tuesday, June 9:

    • Officials report Bradshaw-Crowther was released from the hospital.
    • Her brother said she was admitted to a different hospital sometime Tuesday.
    • Bradshaw-Crowther 's family announced there would be no new addition to their family.

    When a deputy approached her she said, “I am Carrie.”

    It has been six days since anyone has seen the 49-year-old. She was scheduled to have a C-section because of a high-risk pregnancy Tuesday, but disappeared from her home in Salisbury.

    Police traced her car to the CVS in Boone and then called the store.

    "They called and said a suspicious woman had come in, but she didn't look exactly like her picture online. She had dark hair and looked about the same age but didn't look pregnant or anything like that,” said clerk Eva Clause.

    Family members, including her daughter, told Faherty they are going to Boone to be with her.

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    “It's good news when we get her home.  Thank you,” said Bradshaw-Crowther’s sister Amy.

    Bradshaw-Crowther’s sister sped away from the home anxious to check on her sister’s condition.

    Meanwhile, Salisbury police have a lot of questions about where she has been.

    Her daughter told Channel 9 she left her Salisbury home to get gas and when she returned her mother was gone.

    On Thursday, Bradshaw-Crowther was spotted a Statesville gas station. Police also believe she spent at least one night at a hotel across the street.

    Deputies said Tuesday there's nothing criminal with this case.

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