SC police officer saves driver who mouthed ‘help me’ with shooting suspect in car

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — A police officer in South Carolina saved a woman who was driving a Jeep with a shooting suspect inside.

Myrtle Beach police said on May 28, an officer was patrolling Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach when she saw a white Jeep blow through a red light.

When the officer pulled the Jeep over, she found a driver and a passenger inside. She noticed the driver appeared to be distressed, and when the passenger wasn’t looking at her, the driver mouthed “Help me” at the officer repeatedly.

The officer took the passenger out of the Jeep and put him into the back of her patrol car. When she went back to the Jeep, she spoke to the driver, who told her the passenger had just shot someone.

Police said moments later, dispatchers said over the radio they were looking for a car involved in a shooting in the county.

“Due to Officer Wallace proactively patrolling the streets of North Myrtle Beach, even to the last 30 minutes of her shift, a suspect in a shooting was arrested and an unlawfully carried pistol was recovered underneath the suspect’s seat,” police said. “Our department and our community is lucky to have Officer Wallace. Great Job!”

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