SC solicitor gives Panthers’ Shi Smith a chance to resolve drug, weapon charges

UNION COUNTY, S.C. — Authorities in Union County, South Carolina are giving Panthers receiver Shi Smith a chance to resolve his pending charges there.

Shiyun “Shi” Smith is facing weapon and drug charges related to a traffic stop back in March.

If he completes a diversion program, those charges will be waived and his record will stay clean, according to the South Carolina Solicitor’s Office.

“Based on his age, his lack of prior record and the circumstances of the incident, this was clearly the right outcome for these charges,” Solicitor Kevin Brackett said in response to the decision. “I would not treat him any better than anyone else because of who he is nor would I treat him any worse, and this would be an appropriate resolution for anyone similarly situated to Mr. Smith. I hope that this incident has given him the insight needed to avoid any more poor decisions in the future and he becomes the kind of young man that inspires the kids who look up to him to be their best.”

Smith wrote a letter to Brackett acknowledging his mistake and thanking him for the chance to take part in the program.

“I am looking forward to progressing through that process and coming out better for it,” Smith said in the letter.

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