Second baggage handler accused of stealing items at Charlotte airport

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A second baggage handler at Charlotte Douglas International Airport was charged with taking things out of passengers' checked bags.

Detectives said Kip Price took valuables out of four bags that had been checked with Frontier Airlines.

Police said Price was working with Marlow Hayes, who turned himself in last week on one count of larceny.

The men worked for Jet Stream Ground Services, which contracted with Frontier and Southwest to handle baggage.

A person at the Jet Stream office at Charlotte Douglas said it could not comment on the case, which may have as many as nine victims.

Eric Raines is one of them. He told police he lost a $1,500 bracelet, shoes and some shirts when he took a flight to Chicago on May 29.

“I had to pay to check my luggage, so my luggage should be secure. If I got to pay to you check it, I should be able to put anything in my luggage I want to,” Raines said Tuesday.

A spokesman for Frontier said it will work with passengers who have lost valuables to the thefts.

Spokesman Rich Oliver also said Frontier is working with the company that contracts to do its baggage handling in Charlotte.

“What we know is that it happened, and we are working with our business partners to take the appropriate next steps to prevent it from happening again,” Oliver said.

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