Senator Budd meets with Netanyahu to continue push for release of Hamas hostages

CHARLOTTE — North Carolina Senator Ted Budd is continuing to push for the release of hostages held by Hamas, including North Carolina native Keith Siegel.

Budd and Joni Ernst, a senator from Iowa, met with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, during a trip to the Middle East last week.

They also hosted the families of American hostages, including the Siegel family.

“The only thing that Hamas responds to is military strength,” Budd said. “So I would say everything we need to do is support Israel and make sure that Israel has everything they need to prosecute this war.”

A few weeks ago, Hamas released a proof-of-life video for Siegle; Senator Budd says it’s pure propaganda.

He says the Israeli prime minister is focused on securing the release of the hostages.

(WATCH BELOW: Photo display held in Freedom Park to bring awareness to hostages held by Hamas)