Several guns found on CMS campuses since students returned to school

CHARLOTTE — Several guns have been found on campus of several Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools since the start of the school year.

According to district, police have found five guns on the campus of West Charlotte High School, as recently as Monday. Three of the guns were found on the first day of school in one student’s car.

A total of seven guns have been found on CMS campuses since students returned to the classroom last month.

Fortunately, no one actually fired the guns on campus but during their weekly briefing Wednesday, police said they’re concerned about guns turning up in schools but they found reasons to be encouraged as well.

“One gun is concerning, let alone five,” CMPD officer Tom Hildebrand. “But what is encouraging is that we are finding these guns and we’re finding these guns because of the way that people are communicating information to us -- whether it be parents whether it be other students if you see something tell us.”

Police are also concerned because trouble that has started at schools has spilled over into the community and led to several shootings including they believe one that killed a three-year-old boy.

“I’m asking the district leaders, what is the safety plan for violence?” grandmother Lucille Puckett said. “You done had these children out of school for so long, so many street activities is going on, gang related confrontations, what is the safety plan? Nobody thought of that.”

CMS police have stepped up their random searches at schools, and so far, they haven’t found any additional guns.

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