Several restaurants around Charlotte closing doors

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Eyewitness News noticed a lot of well-known restaurants either closed or closing. They survived the recession, but not by much.

Servers at Pewter Rose in South End worked their tables for almost the last time Friday. Suzie Peck bought the restaurant 25 years ago. She said the last few years just got too hard financially. She's closing it Sunday and got emotional talking about it.

"It's just sad. It's our family. It just is. My kids are here," she said.

A block away, Vinnie's Raw Bar is already closed after more than two decades. The owner of the property told Eyewitness News that he did not renew Vinnie's lease. He would not say exactly why, but implied he was not happy with them as a tenant.

Pure, in Matthews, shut down this month, too. It's just about cleaned out after two-plus years.

Elgin Kenna owns Dilworth Coffee across the parking lot.

"It can tug at you because they put a lot into putting that in there, and ‘boom,'" Kenna said.

Butter, at The Music Factory, is gone. New Year's Eve was its last day. One of the staples at the EpiCentre, Mez, goes out of business next weekend.

At Pewter Rose, Eyewitness News overheard a customer, Kelly Hughes, asking for its famous butterscotch scone recipe. She was so upset she wouldn't be able to buy the desserts again, she went there and offered to buy the recipe.

"I'm going to beg," she said. "I'm serious. I want to buy that recipe. I will pay handsomely for that dessert."

But she didn't have to. The restaurant gave it to her free, serving customers to the very end.