‘Shook Strong’: Days after family hoped for recovery, sixth victim in SC mass shooting dies

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — HVAC technician Robert Shook was initially the sole survivor of the mass shooting in York County that left five others dead. Three days later, the York County Coroner reported Shook had died from the the injuries he received in the shooting.

Shook’s family told Channel 9′s Ken Lemon on Thursday that they were hopeful after he made it through surgery and the first day of recovery. They said he still had more surgeries and was unable to talk to them.

“The doctors (told) us yesterday that he has more hope than he did,” Shook’s cousin Heather Thompson said Thursday.

On Saturday, the York County Coroner’s Office shared that Shook had died as a result of Wednesday night’s shooting.

Shook and coworker James Lewis were working on the heating and air systems when a shooter fired on both men and the family of four inside.

Shook was able to call his manager for help. All the other victims died at the scene.

Doctors told Shook’s family to prepare for the worst, but they continued to have hope.

“He is Superman. Shook Strong,” Thompson said Thursday. “The most important thing right now is that Rob makes it through. That he pulls through and that he comes back home.”

They asked for more support and prayers. And Shook’s employer, GSM Services, asked for the same thing.

Both Shook and Lewis worked for the Gastonia company, which has 230 employees.

“There is a lot of people holding each other and helping each other and praying with each other and doing the right thing,” said Joel Long, CEO of GSM Services.

The company started a GoFundMe page that has already raised more than $111,000, with a $200,000 goal. The money goes directly into the accounts of the families of the two men, both fathers of three children and the breadwinners of their homes.

Their families are trying to get beyond what happened.

“We will not let hate win over love. We will not be defeated by the senseless violence,” Thompson said.