‘Shred Shed’: Clemson star Shipley working to prove he’s cut out for NFL

WEDDINGTON, N.C. — A once tattered wooden shed tucked away between the trees of the Shipley family home would soon become a proving ground for former Weddington High School running back Will Shipley.

“We always kind joked about it, especially when we moved here,” Shipley said. “We just had an empty shed in the back, but COVID is what really sparked it for us.”

Will’s parents James and Tammy Shipley first had the idea to revive the space.

“It was a matter of what were we going to do if we didn’t have something for them to do because they were both crazy active,” James Shipley said.

“I think I had some woodworking equipment or something in there, a couple squirrels maybe,” added Tammy Shipley.

“I had to kick them out and say ‘it’s time, your rent is up,’” she joked.

As the squirrels moved out, Will moved in.

Offer letters from his college suitors doubled as decor in the “Shred Shed,” as the slightest hint of light helped to keep track of the transformation.

>> Now, after three years at Clemson, Shipley has graduated with a perfect 4.0. His journey from the Shred Shed to stardom, in the video at the top of the page.

(WATCH BELOW: Big 22 Player to Watch: Will Shipley)

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