Registered sex offender reported missing from Statesville in custody in Texas

STATESVILLE, N.C. — A registered sex offender who left an assisted living facility in Statesville and never returned was found in Texas, according the Statesville Police Department.

Officers said 57-year-old Terry Adcock, who suffers from health and cognitive issues, was reported missing Saturday.

Aurora Assisted Living officials said Adcock signed himself out Saturday morning.

Police said he called the facility around 6 p.m. to say he was on his way back but never came home.

"That's one of the things we're concerned about, his well-being, to make sure he's having his medication," Interim Statesville Police Chief David Onley said.

Onley said Adcock had only been at the Statesville facility for a few days. He was moved from a facility in Pender County, where he did something similar last year.

"They found out he had actually hitchhiked his way down to Florida, where he has family down there and he eventually did make his way back," Onley said.

Officers searched every open business, hotel, gas station and hospital in the area.

(Terry Adcock)

Facility officials told Channel 9 that Adcock was on probation.

Channel 9 checked into Adcock’s criminal history and found that he was convicted of attempted rape of a child under the age of 13 in 2008.

According to the Department of Public Safety, Adcock served time until 2017 and is now on parole. He is also a registered sex offender.

Reporter Elsa Gillis asked if there was any concern for public safety because of his registration status and past convictions.

Onley said the primary concern was find him for his well-being.

"Not at this time. What we see from his history and what made him a registered sex offender was one offense that occurred in 2006, and we haven't seen a history beyond that point," Onley said. "You don't ever want to say 100 percent, the big necessity is us to find his location for his well-being."

Onley said the department thought Adcock was not in the area anymore.

Adcock was taken into custody by the Canton, Texas Police Department. Police said he will be extradited back to Iredell County to be served with an outstanding probation warrant.

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