VIDEO: 2 boats collide on Lake Norman

LAKE NORMAN, N.C. — A boat collided with a smaller boat at about 1:15 p.m. Saturday on Lake Norman, according to North Carolina Wildlife

The driver of a bass boat said their view was blocked, which caused them to hit the back of a jon boat, which is a smaller vessel.

One person on the jon boat went into the water and another stayed in the boat.

The person in the boat was taken to a local hospital for their injuries and was released a few hours later.

Derek DeBord owns TowBoatUS on Lake Norman, which is a company that assists boaters.

“It’s really amazing that nobody passed away during it,” DeBord said.

DeBord said, at times, the bow of a boat can block a driver’s vision.

“A lot of boats don’t ride level and their bows are high and sometimes people have to stand up to see over the front of them,” DeBord said. “And it’s something boaters just need to be more aware of. "

It’s hard to prepare yourself for every scenario on the water, DeBord said.

Taking things slow and being aware can prevent a dangerous encounter.

The operator of the bass boat was charged with reckless and/or negligent operation, N.C. Wildlife said.

No drugs or alcohol were involved.

Watch the video below:

(Video courtesy of Iredell Firewire)

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