Snakes become problem for employees at north Charlotte business park

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — People who work in a business park off Perimeter Woods Drive in north Charlotte have been walking over snakes to get to their offices.

Rick Jensen works in the area and took a picture of a black snake this week.

“That was Tuesday morning around 9 o'clock right outside of my office,” he told Channel 9.

Trinity Partners is the property manager for the buildings in a business center in north Charlotte. They brought in the Pest Control Authority this week because of the increase in sightings.

About 400 people work in the area, which includes businesses like the American Red Cross and Accurate Group.

Snakes are hiding in the tall dry grass areas. Employees told Channel 9 that they have seen them popping out of bushes and on the sidewalk.

A pest expert said rodents are the reason more snakes are around the buildings. There’s a creek that backs up to the businesses.

“Everything here is being done here that can be done. This is nature and people right up against each other,” Rick Seifert, with Pest Control Authority, said.

The Pest Control Authority said they've received 150 calls for black snakes in the Charlotte area last week, and 240 calls within the past two weeks.

Seifert said there's a reason we've been seeing more of them.

The black snake population is growing across the area because of recent warm winters.

“The last four years have been very rainy and this year was the most mild,” Seifer said.

He said black snakes are nonvenomous creatures that are active in the spring, and will most likely keep a low profile come this summer. He said it's good to have these snakes around to keep mice away.

“Just leave them alone. They will go away on their own. (In) just about four or five weeks, this problem will abate,” Seifert said.

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