Some NC Walmarts asking people to prove eligibility for vaccine; state says they shouldn’t

RICHMOND COUNTY, N.C. — Some Walmarts in North Carolina are giving out the COVID-19 vaccine, but Channel 9′s Joe Bruno also learned that they’re asking people to prove they’re eligible to get it.

On the website, it says to bring a driver’s license, doctor’s note, work badge or paystub; but North Carolina’s governor made it very clear that people don’t have to prove eligibility.

The state told Bruno that vaccine providers should not ask for photo identification.

Instead, they’re encouraged to use other ways to confirm they’re vaccinating the right person, such as asking people to preregister or fill out a form onsite with their name, address and date of birth.

The state said they would be reaching out to Walmart to make sure they’re aware of North Carolina’s guidance. Channel 9 also reached out to Walmart.

“Whatever the state requires, or does not require, is what we follow at our pharmacies,” Walmart told us.

The company also said they would update the website to reflect the state’s guidance.