• Some users say Cash App not working like it should

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Shari Wright’s daughter was driving to Charlotte and got a flat tire. 

    “She’s my daughter so I just wanted to make sure she got home safely,” Wright said.

    Wright used Cash App and entered “$40,” clicked "pay" and selected her daughter. 

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    “She could see her balance said, ‘$40’ but when she went to use the card, the card declined as if she didn’t have the money on the card,” Wright said.

    Wright checked her account. 

    “It showed that I sent her the $40, but then it said I sent her another $40,” Wright said.

    Shirley Dunn said someone had sent her $1,190. 

    Her Cash App indicated that she received the money, but Dunn claims she didn’t.

    "I feel horrible. I feel terrible. This is $1,000 we’re talking about,” Dunn said.

    Dunn will continue using the app, but Wright will not. 

    "I've closed out mine," Wright said. "I’m not going to use it anymore -- no.” 

    She said her bank replaced the money, and she sent her daughter money another way.

    Action 9 spoke with Cash App. It said that in Wright's case, the company did experience a brief glitch. It's still looking into Dunn's case.

    If you have problems, take screenshots to prove it.

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