Some vehicles to lose safety features due to 5G upgrades: What you need to know

CHARLOTTE — Some vehicle manufacturers are eliminating important safety features after phone carriers start phasing out 3G services to upgrade to 5G.

“I absolutely love my car,” Yvette Brace said. “My dream car. I always wanted a BMW.”

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She is upset that her BMW’s GPS navigation will stop working later this month.

“I received a notification through the mail that my car was going to obsolete,” she said.

The emergency SOS button in her BMW will no longer connect to 911.

“That safety feature is important, and it makes you feel safe driving in your car,” Brace said.

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The wireless industry said the upgrades have been public knowledge for at least five years.

Some carmakers are offering free upgrades, while Tesla and Chrysler are charging for them. Others including Hyundai, Lexa, Nissan, Toyota and BMW are sending out notices to tell drivers they will lose the features immediately.

“I think it’s incredibly frustrating,” said Michael Brooks, The Center for Auto Safety.

He said that losing features like the SOS button and automatic crash notification are a serious concern.

“I think it’s inevitable that it’s going to reduce the quality and efficiency of medical care that folks receive when they’re in crashes and there’s no one else around with them,” Brooks said.

Some automakers like Honda and GM, with its OnStar system, are offering software upgrades. They are time sensitive and require action in the next week.


Brace will be stuck with features that don’t work.

“I don’t think a lot of people aware or even know that this is going to happen to them,” she said. “They just left us out in the cold.”

Systems like remote entry or navigation that will stop working on some vehicles and it’s not only older models. Many carmakers continued to install 3G technology up to 2021 and even in 2022 models.

Time really is of the essence for the upgrades. For example, Honda owners have to switch by Feb. 22.

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LIST: Here are the cars that will lose car safety features this month after the 3G shutdown

Acura: Certain 2014-2017 models will lose AcuraLink service August 2021

Audi: Certain 2012-2019 models will lose connected technology 2/22/2022.

BMW: ConnectedDrive services cannot be supported after Feb. 2022. Owners of BMW vehicles eligible for a technology upgrade will be notified by mail.

General Motors: 2015 and newer vehicles could be impacted. OnStar over the air updates must be installed by 2/22/2022 for service to continue.

Honda: Certain 2018-2022 models will lose HondaLink and WiFi hotspot features unless an over the air update is installed by 2/22/2022.

Hyundai/Genesis: Bluelink service will be discontinued in certain 2012-2016 vehicles Jan. 2023

Infinity: Certain 2013-2019 models will lose Infinity InTouch service 2/22/2022.

Jaguar/ Land Rover: A representative said they’re transitioning to the T-Mobile 2G Network to ensure the most critical connected car features related to safety and convenience will continue to function. This will be communicated directly to all relevant customers this month.

Lexus: Certain 2010-2018 vehicles will lose some Lexus Enform services Oct. 31, 2022.

Nissan: Certain 2011-2018 models will lose Nissan Connect service 2/22/2022.

Porsche: Certain 2014-2019 vehicles will be impacted 2/22/2022. Some models will be eligible for a technology upgrade.

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep: A Stellantis representative said they’re converting 3G vehicles to accept 4G and are offering two subscription packaged to continue service.Subaru: (Link: ) Certain 2016-2018 vehicles will lose STARLINK services February 2022. Customers must visit an authorized dealer to upgrade and continue service.

Tesla: Model S vehicles built before June 2015 may need a $200 upgrade to maintain some features.

Toyota: (Link: ) Toyota Safety Connect will no longer function as of November 1, 2022 in certain 2010-2019 models.

Volvo: Certain 2015-2016 vehicles will no longer be able to access connected services past Jan. 2022. Volvo does plan to offer an “upgrade path” for customers.

Volkswagon: 2014-2019 Car-Net subscribers will lose service 2/22/2022. A technology upgrade should be available at dealerships fall 2022.