State senate candidate says he’s lived in his district longer than registration shows

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte state senate candidate says his residency in his district started before he registered his new address to vote.

Democratic District 41 candidate Caleb Theodros says he started living in his Plaza Midwood area apartment in July. NCSBE records show Theodros updated his voter registration to his new address on November 29.

For several weeks, Channel 9 has received inquiries into the residency history of Theodros. This report is based on publicly available information and conversations with the North Carolina State Board of Elections and Mecklenburg County Board of Elections.

Records obtained by Channel 9 show Theodros was registered to vote in three different locations in 2023. Theodros started 2023 registered to vote with address tied to a home in west Charlotte. The home is in District 41. On January 5, records show Theodros changed his voter registration to a house in northeast Charlotte. This home is in District 40. On November 29, records show Theodros changed his voter registration to an apartment near Plaza Midwood in District 41.

Despite not changing his voter registration until November 29, Theodros told Channel 9 in an email that he started living in the apartment in July.

According to Article II, Section 6 of North Carolina’s constitution, each senator “shall have resided.. in the district for which he is chosen for one year immediately preceding his election.”

NCSBE spokesperson Pat Gannon says it is not a requirement that the person’s voter registration reflect this residency for a year prior to election day. Gannon says that’s because voters don’t always immediately update their voter registration when they move.

The general election is on November 5, 2024. Theodros said his residency in District 41 started in July 2023.

NCSBE says the deadline for a voter to file a candidate challenge has passed. But if Theodros wins the primary, Gannon says an unsuccessful candidate can file a protest if they question his residency.

Theodros is facing Bob Bruns, Kendrick Cunningham and Lucille Puckett in the Democratic primary. No Republicans are running for the seat. District 41 stretches from west Charlotte to Plaza Midwood.

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