6th grader brought loaded gun to Union County middle school, principal says

MARSHVILLE, N.C. — A 13-year-old East Union Middle School student has been charged after they brought a loaded .380 pistol to school Wednesday and pointed it at a student, according to Union County Public Schools.

“The student actually brandished a firearm in the classroom and pointed it in the direction of another student,” said Tony Underwood, spokesman with the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The student also made threats to students before pointing the gun at one of them, officials said.

The other students thought the child had a BB gun.

A school resource officer seized the gun from the sixth-grader

“When they confronted the student, the gun was actually in a book bag,” Underwood said. “They looked at it and it was a loaded .380 caliber handgun.”

Nobody was hurt.

In a message to parents, the school’s principal said they contacted the sheriff’s office immediately and that the student who had the gun will be disciplined.

Tiffany Haigler has two kids at East Union Middle School and like most parents, learned about the incident in a message from the principal.

“It’s very scary,” Haigler said. “Thinking about the kids could be here, if he would have pulled that trigger. What could have happened?”

Deputies are not identifying the student who was arrested and charged with having a firearm on school property and communicating threats.

The child is at a juvenile detention center.

The investigation is ongoing.

The message from the principal:

“Good evening parents, this is Dr. Croffut calling with an important message. I want to make you aware of a situation that happened at school today.

“An East Union Middle student brought a loaded firearm to school today. There were no injuries related to this matter and all students remained safe. As soon as staff learned about the weapon, the Union County Sheriff’s Office was contacted. The student involved will be disciplined according to the Code of Conduct.

“Parents, we take all safety matters very seriously. Weapons are not allowed on our campus. We need your help in keeping a safe learning environment. Please talk to your students about bringing inappropriate items to school and the consequences related to violating the UCPS Code of Conduct.

“Thank you for your cooperation and partnership with East Union Middle School.”

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