Taco Bell thanks fire station that helped food delivery driver involved in wreck

CHARLOTTE — Taco Bell delivered food as a “thank you” to the Charlotte Firehouse 37 crew who went above and beyond last Saturday when a food delivery driver got into a wreck.

A Charlotte firefighter finished the food delivery last weekend to the Steele Creek resident. The driver involved in the crash is OK.

The driver called the Charlotte couple and said she couldn’t make it. After that, the firefighter offered to finish the Taco Bell delivery.

“It was just something I thought, ‘Hey, you know what? Let’s do something nice for somebody that, otherwise, wouldn’t be able to get the food that they ordered,’” said Chris Ingram, a Charlotte Fire engineer. “I said, it won’t take us 10 minutes. It was right up the road. I said let’s do something nice for somebody.”

On Thursday, Taco Bell returned the favor to the first responders by providing them with a big dinner.

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